“The Dead Heart” music video is now screening on our channel…

“The Dead Heart” music video is now screening on our channel…

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The Dead Heart music video is now screening on the Diesel n’Dub Channel!
Featuring Emma Donovan on lead vocals and Declan Kelly on backing vocals & drums.

Kicking off the Diesel n’Dub project is the powerful single “The Dead Heart”, first released by Midnight Oil on the hit album Diesel and Dust in 1986.

The clip pays homage to the deep sentiments of the song with visual references to the original video and the addition of two stunning art works contributed generously by distinguished artist Adam Hill, specially animated with his permission for the video.

It also features archival photography of historically significant Aboriginal lands rights movements from the National Library of Australia collections of photographers Ken Middleton, Lyn McLeavy and Louise Whelan.


Video credits
Artists: Emma Donovan & Declan Kelly
Artwork: Adam Hill
Archival Photography: Ken Middleton | Lyn McLeavy | Louise Whelan

Producer/Director: Cristina Dio | Producer: Rosemary Reid
DOP: Jesse Frazer | Hair/Make Up Artist: Michelle Cox
Stills: John Domeney | Motion Graphics & Editing: Bruno Barthas & Hamish Gilbert

(C) Diaspora Music 2013


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